Glitter Makeup

Everybody loves a touch of sparkle in cosmetics. Whether you want a lip gloss, nail polish or eye shadow, everything is glitzy now. Good thing is, glitter makeup is not reserved for teenage only. Instead, anyone can play around with it to attract attention. In fact, glitter makeup is a trend nowadays.

Tips for wearing glitter makeup correctly

Try out these following tips to rock the glamorous look.

  • Just because glitter makeup has taken on many forms, it doesn’t mean you can try every possibility to flaunt your look. So, don’t apply glitter makeup at every corner of your face or body. Instead, keep it to one particular area. Be cautious not to overdo it. Moderation is the key.
  • Glitter Makeup is more suitable for casual outings with friends or shopping than compared to business meetings and professional surroundings.
  • Never put loose glitter eye shadows on your eyes without any setting agent. It may cause eye irritation and major fallout.
  • Your glitter makeup should coordinate with your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing sparkly dress, keep your makeup a bit subtle then. Remember, you don’t want to look like a sparkling mess; your goal is to look glamorous, instead.
  • Remember, glitter makeup is fun to do, but not easy to apply. The hard truth about glitter makeup is that it can slip and slide all over the face. So, apply setting spray or a glitter primer which can help you keep glitter in place.
  • There are plenty of glitter makeup products out there. Decide the one that can add a sophisticated sparkle to your attire.
  • Select high quality glitter makeup products. Always test your skin’s sensitivity before applying.
  • Know the difference between craft glitter and cosmetic-grade glitter. It’s suggested to only apply cosmetic grade on your face.
  • Get the hang of glitter makeup via YouTube tutorials and shimmer up.