Glitter Paint

What comes to your mind when you think of adding an oomph factor to your design? Of course, sparkle it up, right? Glitter paint is one such art to apply on face and a better alternative to loose glitter. Many popular glitter paint gels are water-based. These will take time to dry but once they do, they tend to be durable and don’t clog up. The glitter paint gels specially designed for professional face painters comes along with fine tipped applicator. The applicator allows artists to create fine lines and 3-dimensional details.

Different glitter paints and how to use them?

Before you indulge into this fun, you should understand the difference between various types of glitters. Glitter paint is available in a wide range of formulas. While some are specific to wear only on lips and eyelids, there are some that you can apply on both body and face. For instance, Glitter cream can be applied with finger or brush mainly to enhance face artwork. However, glitter dust is a bit tricky to apply. You might need a damp brush into the dust or face paint so that glitter can adhere to your face.

Tips to apply glitter paint on face

  • Never use metallic craft glitter on face. Instead, opt for safe glitter paints. According to FDA, only that glitter is classified as cosmetic-grade and safe to use which contain polyester and whose particle size is equal to .008 microns or smaller.
  • Select best glitter paint products from market. Most glitter face paints can be purchased online. You may find some quality products on eBay and Amazon as well. Don’t risk buying products from unknown brand. After all, a good quality product can make all the difference.
  • Don’t glitter paint on anyone who has open sores and wounds.
  • Water-based glitter paint works best on dry and clear skin. Make sure you apply a thin coat first, then second. Also, they are easy to remove with normal water and soap.