Rules for Getting Glitter Wallpaper

Glitter is making waves in the interior design industry this season and it is not only restricted to the dazzling metallic colors but also subtle and chic shades. If you want to join in on the trend the there are some rules you should follow when installing glitter wallpaper in your room.

Simplify the Wallpaper by Choosing a Subtle Shade

When you think of glitter wallpaper then your mind conjures up the image of a princess themed bedroom but it can work for people of all ages. Glitter wallpaper can also be used in master bedrooms, living room and dining rooms as long as the design is subtle. There are some dazzling designs for the diva inside you which blend luxury and glamor without looking over-the-top. There are also wallpapers adorned with diamond and crystals for those who prefer a more flamboyant finish. So even if you want to make a statement with the striped glitter wallpaper or choose a soothing lilac shimmer there is something in the collection for everyone.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Silver

When you’re talking about glitter wallpaper then the most versatile shade is silver. It is a timeless and classy and can be used in just about any room. The silver shimmer wallpaper is the best option if you want to incorporate glitter into your decor. You can also go for one of the shinier collections if the plain silver is too dull for your taste. However, there are neutral silver shades as well for those who are not ready to commit to something so dramatic, there are wallpapers with distressed textures that look unique and luxurious.

Get a Bolder Pattern or Print

A print can always grab the viewer’s attention so if you want to take glam to the next level then you should go for it. A pattern with a little shimmer is going to be an amazing combination. The most popular glitter wallpaper is one with a palm tree pattern. These designs are ones you can install on only a single wall of the room. The best thing about the metallic wallpapers are you do not have to commit to all four walls.