5 Glitter Eyeshadow Trends You Should Follow

Shimmery makeup is making a comeback but following this trend can be quite tricky. You have to follow certain rules or you can end up looking like a little girl playing dress up with her mom’s makeup. However, with the right technique and good glitter eyeshadow products can help you look flattering, modern and very festive.

Neutral Shades

Use a glitter eyeshadow with a subtle sparkle on the eyelids and lower lash line. You should use a color that is close to your skin tone to get a natural look. Add a simple black eyeliner and go for a heavy mascara to complete the look.

Gilded Look

A trick that is sure to make everyone stop and stare is using a pop of color on the upper lash line and then winging it out. After that you should use sparkling gold eyeliner to the bottom lashes and keep the rest of your makeup light so your eyes are the center of attention.

Mauve Magic

If you have green eyes then you can use a smokey purple shade on your lids and then blend it upwards to make the eyes pop. Add the highlighter under the arch of your brows and keep the eye area as open as possible.

Olive Glint

For eyes that are brown, hazel or blue a metallic olive glitter eyeshadow will be the best solution. Use one shade and apply it all over the lids. The lips should be kept neutral because this sparkly shade is enough to create a look.

Radiant Red

Those who are tired of smokey eyes should try using colors they have not before. A raspberry red shade on the lids that is swept outwards and applied to the lower lash line can be enough. Make sure that the eyelashes are defined with a curler and multiple coats of mascara. You want to make them accentuate the red glitter eyeshadow.