5 Glitter Projects You Can Take on this Weekend

Glitter is everywhere now! In makeup, markers, dance costumes and even craft supplies. This means you can use glitter to make stuff on your own. Using glitter in D-I-Y projects is essential now because it is eye-catching and can add an extra glam factor to any project. You can come by glitter very cheap which means you can use it in just about any project.

Glitter is considered feminine and is mostly used for parties and weddings. But here we have listed a wide variety of things that you can add glitter to for decoration. Glitter can be used in any project you just have to know how much to add and what to do so that it does not brush off.

  1. Champagne Bottle

Bedazzle a bottle of champagne for your next party using gold glitter and some glue. It can also be used on bottles you take to a friend’s house for dinner instead of putting on a simple red bow. The presentation is everything when it comes to gifts.

  1. Fall Leaves Garland

The perfect decoration for fall is glitter leaves. You can buy artificial leaves and then add a little sparkle to them to create a garland. Hang the garland anywhere to create an autumn themed decoration.

  1. Ocean Soap

A fun craft for the bath time can be a glitter soap. Buy tiny plastic creatures and seal them inside liquid soap with glitter to create an ocean-themed bath experience. The kids will love this creation the most!

  1. Party Hats

You can dress-up a simple party hat by adorning it with glitter. They can be bright and colorful headgear that scream “Party Time”. It’s very easy to make this with your children so they feel involved in the party planning.

  1. Glitter Heels

You can add glitter to the soles of your shoes and turn heads behind you. With each step you’ll be flashing the onlookers and shine on. It can also help bring an old pair of heels back to life.