Best Ways to Use Glitter Glue at Home

Glitter glue can be easily found at any arts and crafts supply store. They are available in many colors and can be matched according to your preference. It is easier to use than traditional glue with dry glitter because the glitter is combined with the glue. There is less of a mess with glitter glue and you can embellish the craft project with ease.


Glitter glue is commonly used in scrapbooks because they add shimmer to the plain pages. Different pictures can be added to the book depending on its theme. Glitter glue can dress up the pages by creating borders around the photos. You can even use the glue to outline letters for captions and add other embellishments such as stickers for even more fun.

Clothing and Accessories

You can enhance an ordinary piece of cloth or hair accessory using glitter glue. An ordinary headband can be glammed up by adding glitter polka dots in your favorite colors. The glue can be blended using a paint brush to spread out the glitter and create a complete glittery piece. Shoes and other pieces of clothing can also be styled with glitter glue for example the simple pink shoes of a little girl can be blue and red glitter around the edges. You can even write the child’s name of t-shirts and socks using glitter glue.

Wooden Frames

The glitter glue can also be used on wood especially if they are frames. You can decorate your child’s bedroom using the colors matching the theme. If the room is pink then different shades of purple and pink can be used to decorate basic wooden frames. You can lay out the table cloth to work on so that the carpet does not get messy. Several dots of glitter glue can be added to the frame and then blended with a brush to blend it in. You can also add different shapes and designs to dress up a photo frame or bed frame.