Glitter Nails Trends That Will Glam Up Your Hands

Adding glitter to nail polish makes your hands look festive. Glitter nails never go out of style and there is something about glitzing up the fingertips which will make anyone smile. You can put on glitter nail paint for a party, a beach trip, or just for a lazy weekend indoors. Glitter nails are a hit with everyone and there has never been a time that the nails have gone out of style.

Tools Required

Adding glitter to your nails will require you to buy some special tools and learn new techniques. First off a base coat of clear polish is required and then the glitter nail paint will be applied on top. You can even use glitter powder to the wet polish to create a texture. On top of the glitter nail polish apply a clear coat to lock in the powder. You will also have to get a small brush to wipe off any nail polish left around the nail to use with the nail polish remover. Nail stripping tape will also be required to do reverse French manicure or a pattern that has narrow lines.

Different Patterns

There are several nail art trends you can follow. There is the ombre trend where you can layer glitter nails freehand or use a sponge to apply each new coat. For those who love precision, French tips are the pattern they should go for. You can use the striping tape to get a crisp line in any direction. If you do not want to work hard you can just put on a base coat of clear nail polish and roll the nail in any glitter you want while the paint is still wet.

It is very easy to do glitter nails which is why this is such a popular trend. There are glitter nail polishes available in every price. You can also use fancy glitter powder with beads and diamantes to get a textured effect.