A Glitter Dress Trend to Light up Your Life

Recently, the glitter trend has taken off in fashion industries all around the world. Glitter dress has re-entered into the fashion scene for once every decade. They can come in the form of either sequins or sparkles. Glitter is not limited to little girls and you can dress it up for even ordinary occasions. You could slip on a shimmery sweater or midi skirt to a trip to the grocery store. The glitter refracts light and demands the attention of everyone. You can distract the people around you and become the center of attention.

How it started

The glitter dress trend kicked off at the New York Fashion Week and within a month everyone was seen wearing one article of clothing that shined. There are plenty of glitter evening looks you can pull off and if you are not into the long dress and want to loom tough then there are some glitter biker jackets made just for you.

Go Formal

If you work a 9 to 5 job but still want to rock the glitter then you should buy work shirts that are sprinkled with glittering dust. These shirts can be paired with any trousers and flip flops to complete the look. There are many dresses, tank tops, skirts offered by the top designers, so the trend is not just limited to a glitter dress. Celebrities are joining in and glamming up their outfits with a shiny piece.

On the Ramps

Designers have featured a look that was all sequins from the turban to the shoes. The gowns have come in suede, velvet and many other fabrics accentuated by floral brooches. The glittery tank tops are combined with silky trousers or track pants so it is safe to say glitter has made it into the athleisure market too.